What You Should Look For In An Alloy Wheel Repair Specialist

Regardless of whether you’re a driving enthusiast or you simply use your car for shuttling around town, your vehicle will require regular inspection by an alloy wheel repair specialist.

Like the engine, brakes, gearboxes or dashboards, alloys need to be frequently checked and examined by industry pros to guarantee maximum performance. Wobbly wheel rims don’t just look unattractive, they have the potential to cause all kinds of problems with your vehicle. In many instances, broken alloy wheels affect steering and stopping… two things you simply can’t afford to gamble on.

Alloy wheel repair is important – and so is finding an appropriate party to perform the necessary maintenance. Here, we look at the characteristics and services you should look for whenever you require an alloy wheel specialist.

1. A wide range of wheel services

An alloy wheel repair specialist should have a team capable of patching all types of damage. However, they ought to also provide a range of additional services to boot. In some cases, giving the alloy a new coat of paint or readjusting the rim simply won’t suffice. You need an expert to take a good look at your wheels so you can enjoy the best possible repairs.

Top alloy wheel repair companies can identify the issue quickly. You’ll be told exactly what the problem is, the extent of the damage, and how long it will take to restore your wheels to premium condition. They’ll also give you an estimated price cost – meaning you can budget accordingly right from the beginning.

2. Complete alloy wheel repair

If your alloys have taken a real battering, you might need to have the entire wheel removed and replaced. Some garages don’t specialise in this service, although they may take on the task regardless. This usually leads to inferior results (with the need for more repairs a few weeks later).

You should always seek out a business that performs complete alloy wheel repair – not just touch-up services and paint jobs. Complete repairs can make rims look as good as new again, with scratches, corrosion and peeling all fixed using advanced technology.

alloy wheel repair datechs specialists3. A proven track record

Any alloy wheel repair organisation worth its salt will have a long line of satisfied customers to back up their claims. Take the time to do your research on the company before you take your car in for any restorations. You should be able to track down reviews on Facebook and Google, and it doesn’t hurt to ask around in the local area either.

Alloy wheel repair is a complex job that requires a huge amount of talent and experience – along with access to the best technology. That’s why looking up the company beforehand is so important.

4. Aesthetic touches and custom colouring

Alloy wheels can transform the look, feel, and overall performance of a vehicle. So it’s always in your best interests to visit an alloy wheel repair specialist who can make your rims sparkle and shine.

Custom colouring services offer you the opportunity to enhance your vehicle’s appearance in an exciting way. You can pick the shade you like the look of most and have it sprayed onto the rim, giving your vehicle a prestigious exterior that also reflects your personality.

specialist alloy wheel repair datechsTurn to DA Techs for alloy wheel repair

The skilled technicians here at DA Techs are the very best in the business when it comes to diamond cut alloy wheel repair. Not only do our team have the highest levels of enthusiasm and passion for their work, they also have the quality skill set to match – completing tasks in a timely fashion and to the very best standards.

If you’re in need of alloy wheel repair, look no further than DA Techs. Our state-of-the-art repair shop is located at Adlington Business Park in Chorley. It’s a short distance from the local train station and an easy drive from Manchester, Preston, Blackpool, Bolton and Wigan. If your car is in no condition to drive – don’t worry. We can bring our kit out on the road and come to you!

Get in touch using our contact form or give us a call on 01204 859045, and we’ll be sure a member of our team is ready and waiting for you when you swing by to see us. Meanwhile check out our Instagram for the latest photos of our work.


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