Your Guide to Alloy Wheel Painting

The alloy wheels on your vehicle should be striking, with all eyes on you as it journeys around. But their pristine look can be affected by bumps in the road or contact with the kerb. Thankfully a solution comes in the form of alloy wheel painting.

Here we guide you through this form of coating, detailing the benefits and how to make best use of it.

1. Alloy wheel painting vs powder coating

Alloy wheel painting helps protect your vehicle from damage, keeping it clean-looking for longer. The smooth coating of alloy wheel paint means it also repels road grime and tar, preventing corrosion.

A popular alternative to traditional techniques is powder coating, which some prefer because it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly. This is because the former requires a solvent to ensure the binder and filler parts stay in a liquid suspension form.

Powder coating also gives an incredibly high-quality finish, can be applied thicker as it doesn’t run, and is very durable. It resists damage from extreme conditions better than painted alloy wheels, as well as scratches.

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2. How to paint your alloy wheels

It’s a tricky process to apply alloy wheel paint at home. Firstly, your wheels will need to be detached from the vehicle and deflated, with the tyre beads broken. You could keep them on, but they should be kept shielded so they don’t get painted.

You’ll also need to clean your wheels, ensuring that any layer of polish is eradicated. If there’s been any damage, extra tasks like sanding might be required. After this, it’s a good idea to apply a few layers of primer. This provides the alloy wheel paint with something to bind to, and also further protects the wheels against harm.

Then it’s time for the coating – it’s recommended to paint by hand rather than use a spray paint. This is because, unless you’re a professional, it’s difficult to achieve a smooth, solid layer. You should apply the alloy wheel paint in a warm and well-ventilated environment out of direct sunlight, as the procedure requires a consistent temperature.

3. The process for powder coating

This method starts off very similarly to alloy wheel painting. You’ll need to remove the wheels and clean them. If there’s any existing layers of paint, they’ll need to be stripped away too.

The next step involves using a compressed air sprayer – this electrostatically charges the powder so it’ll bond to the wheel. After you’ve applied any layers of powder, make sure that you don’t brush or blow on it, as part of the coating may fall off.

The wheel will then need to be cured at the temperature and duration suitable for the specific powder material. This can be done via a flameless heat source. Often a specialised, dedicated powder coating oven is used, heated to around 400°F – but you should always read the label for the specific guidelines.

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Custom alloy wheel painting with DA Techs

If you don’t want to coat your alloy wheels with paint or powder yourself, our refurbishment service can return your wheels to showroom condition. At DA Techs, we have a variety of colours and finishes to personalise or refresh your vehicle, whether you fancy a simple gunmetal grey, or a more original shade, such as orange.

Creating a unique look with alloy wheel painting can help you stand out on the road. You can select a colour that contrasts with the rest of the vehicle, or a matching shade to complement it.

We can come out to you, or you can easily locate us at our Adlington Business Park in Chorley. We’re a first choice in the North West, trusted by customers from Manchester, Blackpool, Bolton, Preston and Wigan. To find out more about our diamond cut alloy wheel services, get in touch using our contact form or give us a call on 01204 859045.

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