Refurbishing Your Alloy Wheels And Tyres

Have your alloy wheels and tyres lost their shine? Are there scrapes and cuts across the surface material? Have your friends or family members pointed out the condition of the rims on your car? If so, you might need to start considering refurbishing them.

We are the team to turn to for all types of wheel repair – we are the specialists when it comes to refurbishment. This is the process of conducting a vigorous clean that adds sparkle to your rims – saving you from having to pay for a brand-new wheel.

Here, we answer some of the most common questions we tend to hear from our customers about refurbishing their wheels and tyres, offering you some insight into the procedure and how we can help.

When can you refurbish wheels, and when will they need replacing instead?

It is natural to consider repair or removal when you notice that your alloy wheels and tyres are no longer looking their best. However, in reality, a lot of wheel damage can be resolved through refurbishment.

Light damages to wheels, such as scrapes, fades, scuffs and scratches will simply need light repair work. These impairments can be removed via machine technology and specialist care. Even more serious damage such as bends and dents can be fixed in some instances in this way.

Refurbishment enhances wheels cosmetically, whereas more extensive repair work or replacement will be needed when the damage is directly affecting and/or impairing your ability to drive. You will need to repair or replace your alloy wheels entirely when there is heavy corrosion, severe cracks, distortion to the shape of the rim, or buckling to the wheel itself.

Corrosion can occur when you neglect wheels for a long period of time, as tiny air gaps can lead to leaks that ruin the integrity of the tyres. Cracks, distortion and buckles can occur as a result of wear and tear or due to a collision. These will often be noticeable as the quality of the steering is diminished, but it is always worth checking your wheels on a regular basis for any signs of damage.

alloy-wheels-and-tyres-datechsHow do you refurbish alloy wheels and tyres?

We follow a set of processes to refurbish ordinary alloy wheels and tyres, but if your car has special edition, diamond cut alloy wheels, we need to use a special piece of equipment that we have at the workshop or available in our state of art mobile workshop. Our experts have the necessary knowledge and equipment to make these restorations.

In order to restore diamond cut alloy wheels to their former, fantastic-looking condition, a special machine is required – with a skilled technician on hand to oversee the entire process. The wheels themselves are temporarily removed using a mobile lathe, which gently peels away the scratches by taking off a thin layer of material.

To finish, a durable clear lacquer is applied and cured before refitting the tyre in its original position.

Bring your wheels back to life with DA Techs

It’s amazing how much of a difference refurbished alloy wheels and tyres can make to your vehicle. A simple touch-up can vastly improve the car’s overall appearance, enabling you to enjoy many more years of driving it. And, when it comes to selling it on, wheels that are in a great condition can maximise the value of your car. Looking like it has been taken good care of throughout its lifetime can often contribute to quicker sale times too.

Getting your rims sorted doesn’t have to be difficult, either. You can say goodbye to those unsightly scratches and streaks by getting in touch with the team of specialists here at DA Techs.

We specialise in refurbishing at our state-of-the-art workshop. We’re based in Adlington South Business Park in Chorley, which is easily accessible from many of the major cities and towns in the North West.

diamond cut alloy wheels datechsHowever, if you need our team to come to you, we can! As well as our HQ, we also operate our very own DA Techs mobile workshop which is available for trade clients – an alloy wheels and tyres patch-up centre which comes right to your door. Our team can bring along all the equipment that’s required and get your wheels back to showroom standards without you having to pull out of the drive.

Stop feeling self-conscious about those tired-looking wheels on your vehicle. Get in touch with our team right now and we can chat about what’s needed to bring your wheels and tyres back to life. We’re available on 01204 859045 or via our online contact form.

Do you have any questions? Contact our team of specialists below:

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