The Three Steps To Alloy Refurbishment

There comes a point when your car will be the benchmark for something, where other motorists glance over and say: “My car’s bad, but it’s not that bad”. Luckily, it’s not a permanent affliction, especially when it comes to your alloys. While no one likes to admit they’ve made a mistake while driving, it’s pretty easy to damage your wheels – driving into a pothole too fast or completely overshooting when parallel parking.

Here at DA Techs, we specialise in alloy refurbishment – and we know that, in most cases, motorists will overpay at a regular garage. They don’t tend to offer an estimate of cost and that’s why it’s important to see an expert. As a result of this, we wanted to provide a brief overview of the process that allows you to fully understand what it is you’re paying for.

Step 1: Removing the wheels and assessing the damage

This stage might seem fairly standard, but it’s actually the blueprint for the remainder of the work. A garage is likely to tell you that your alloys and tyres will need replacing if they spot damage. It is true that flawed alloys can create a larger problem further down the line, however only a specialist can identify what can be saved and refurbished instead. Light damage – ranging from scrapes to dents – can be fixed via machine technology, equipment that your local mechanic is unlikely to have.

Another benefit of an assessment into the damage of your alloys is that it could provide a valuable insight when it comes to selling your car. Previously owned vehicles are heavily scrutinised before they are purchased, with potential buyers determined to find a fault. The implication of scuffed alloys could suggest that the driver was careless and the car might be damaged in other ways. Secondly, the cost of replacing the alloys will add far too much onto the initial purchase price. Your best outcome would be a reduction in price, which is less than desirable.

alloy-refurbishment-datechs-manchesterStep 2: Refurbishing the alloys

Once the tyres are removed, we begin to prepare the wheels. They need to be cleansed of dirt and other particles, and then stripped of paint down to the bare alloy. If you’ve incurred kerb damage, we use specialist CNC lathes to remove the surface trauma. Sanding equipment can also be used for lesser damage and, again, both are unlikely to be available at most garages. We lastly begin the recoating process of the wheel, using either powder coating, lacquer or our paint systems.

If you are the proud owner of diamond cut alloys, you may find that it can be hard to distinguish them from painted wheels – but they can be differentiated by their two-tone appearance. They have a darker inner layer with a silver outer, whereas a painted wheel will be one colour and tone. To refurbish these wheels, the assistance of a specialist is essential – which is where we come in. For diamond cut alloy refurbishment, you will need a specific lathe to cut back the face of the wheel to remove the damage, and then several coats of lacquer will be applied to match the original colour.

Step 3: Refitting the wheels

We don’t just place your wheels back on the vehicle. If you’ve accidentally ploughed through a pothole and your wheels need straightening, we can handle that for you. We refit the tyres on the wheel, balance them and put them back on the vehicle. Once we’ve re-torqued it, your alloy is ready to leave our care.

But we’re not just for emergencies; we also provide you with more enjoyment from driving. We have a variety of colours to personalise your car and reignite your passion for the road. We can use powder coating to create different finishes which will transform your vehicle’s image. Additionally, it can add different textures like matte, wrinkled, smooth and rough. Whether you’re trying to achieve a smart appearance or add a touch of vibrancy to your wheels, we create a unique look that rejuvenates your car.


How we can help with alloy refurbishment

We’re based at Unit 17 on Adlington South Business Park in Chorley, so if you want to see our alloy refurbishment facilities first hand, pop round and we can assess your current situation.

Operate a showroom or sell vehicles in a similar capacity? We will come to you with our mobile van! Our team will devote their time to servicing your array of vehicles and refurbish cars all on-site. In the instances where the damage to the vehicle is severe, we may not have the necessary tools in our mobile facility. Instead we will service the wheels at our unit and return them back to you once the work has been completed.

If you’re interested in our services, we’re happy to guide you through the process in more detail. Either give us a ring on 01204 859045 or send us a message using our contact form.

Do you have any questions? Contact our team of specialists below:

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