What Is The Real Price Of Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

Going to the mechanics can cost a fortune, and it’s hard to know what to expect with an alloy wheel refurbishment price. Most people enter a garage well aware that they could be charged over the industry standard and feel relatively powerless. How are they supposed to know whether or not a cost is right or how much work their alloys need?

That’s why we guide you through the entire process and base our prices off various aspects, including wheel type, level of damage and form of repair. So, let’s go through them…

Painted alloy repair

The cost of alloy wheel refurbishment to customers

Our team of specialists have been trained in restoring a variety of vehicle types. Pair this with a focus that is entirely devoted to wheels, and you get a service that’s much more thorough than a general garage. Within our alloy wheel painting cost, our team will remove both wheels and tyres, strip the paint, and shot blast and straighten the wheel.

Once the alloy has been cleaned, the wheel needs powder coating and adding a lacquer coat. The price of both these services depend on several factors, including your chosen colour or finish. It is worth remembering that by adding some damage prevention methods you will save money in the long run. Applying powder coating, for example, protects well against corrosion.

However you decide to rejuvenate your vehicle, DA Techs will proceed to refit the wheels and torque them to manufacturer guidelines. The entire process can be completed on the same day, ensuring you get back on the road as soon as possible. That means you can lessen your reliance on public transport or friends and family members which could help you get back to your daily routine could also reduce the overall alloy wheel refurbishment price.

alloy wheel refurbishment process a technician entering the oven settings

The cost of alloy wheel refurbishment to businesses

We offer a full rehabilitation if you are a business client too. At our Adlington unit, we work with organisations – from car dealerships and fleet managers to garages – to keep up continuity and prevent any loss to earnings.

While these clients may be concerned over the alloy wheel refurbishment prices, they are less likely to become damaged in the first place with the proper preventive measures and specialist service in place.

This means the business doesn’t have to fork out for high maintenance fees. But to save further costs, our alloy wheel repairs can also be carried out on-site. Our mobile unit will travel to your premises and repair a variety of your vehicles, provided they aren’t too damaged. If they need to be stripped or require a colour change, we will transport the wheels to our unit to complete the job.

You may not be able to have our powder coat service performed on-site, but we do apply lacquer coats at your place of work. Where possible, we try to reduce the time your vehicles spend off-road without an excessive alloy wheel refurbishment price.

collage of alloy wheels before and after refurbishment by DATechs

Diamond cut alloy repair

The cost of diamond cut alloy repairs to customers

Diamond alloys are fast becoming the new default on cars. The only difficulty with these wheels is that they require a specialist to revitalise them when they start to appear lifeless or flawed. The diamond-cut wheels repair cost can vary depending on damage. It requires specific tools to remove the layers on the alloy and a lathe is used to treat the affected area.

Customers who rely on their vehicle for work and other tasks will be pleased to know that diamond cut alloys can also be repaired on the same day, damage permitting. That being said, the additional aftercare advice that we provide means you’ll be less likely to require our services again in the near future.

Both powder and lacquer coating are used to add a desired effect to the wheel, but they also provide an element of protection. As diamond cut alloys are more complicated in the nature of their repair, it is worth considering upgrading your service to include one of the two options.

The cost of diamond cut alloy repairs to businesses

If your business is selling vehicles, or if they act as an extension of your brand, then it is important that they look credible. While more expensive in their price, the value that diamond cut alloys add to the vehicle in terms of their unrivaled appearance will increase the perceived cost. Similarly, if you operate a fleet and your vehicles are equipped with clean, unmarked wheels then you are more likely to retain a high-quality appearance for your brand, boosting enquiries and sales.

Our diamond cut repair service is also available in our mobile unit for trade customers. The cost of taking one of your vehicles out of display can be high, and if the right customer comes at the wrong time, that counts as a loss to your business and it outweighs the alloy wheel refurbishment price. DA Techs works around you to keep your operation running at full capacity.

We can offer support whether you are looking to fix a set of wheels on behalf of your company or if you need to repair your private vehicle. DA Techs will get you back on track with minimal cost to your business or impact on your daily routine.

Have any questions regarding our services or wish to speak to a member of our team?

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